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Dogs are taking control of the Ethereum blockchain.

Erc20.Dog (DOG) is the first cryptocurrency created solely by dogs. It's a community Erc20 token carefully designed to satisfy every need.

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Erc20.Dog has been a big believer of Ethereum and its family of technologies. With DOG, we look forward to continuing to give back in whatever way we can, so that we can take advantage of these new technologies.

The Erc20.Dog Token (DOG) is powered by Ethereum, a blockchain global computing platform. DOG is a standard ERC20 token and can be stored and transferred using the generic Ethereum wallet.

/ Development

DOG Token

Erc20.Dog (DOG) will be the first Erc20 token & cryptocurrency created by dogs. You'll be able to store and transfer the token, and in the near future DOG will be implemented on community Dapps.
DOG Token

DOG Wallet

A secure and user-friendly coin wallet that gives financial control back to the end-users is one of the most important parts of the infrastructure of the “Internet of Value”. It will bridge the gap between a cryptocurrency enthusiast and a mainstream user – and possibly increase the adoption rate of cryptocurrency by 10-fold if done right. We want to invest in building such a wallet, firstly to host DOG and ETH and later multiple other cryptographic tokens and currencies.
To safely store DOG, ETH, and other coins and tokens
APIs for third party bots and applications
Users will be able to safely send DOG and ETH to friends and contacts

/ Crowdsale

The DOG Token crowdsale will start on March 20, 2018. A proportional distribution mechanism will be used for the sale. Each participant will receive an allocation in proportion with their purchase amount.
The goal for the sale is to ensure a fair distribution and to establish the pool value. A hard cap of 375 ETH will be applied to ensure the initial pool value is significant but still has room to grow as the network matures.

Token Sale Details

Token symbol

Total token supply
1,000,000 DOG

Crowdsale supply
600,000 DOG (60%)

375 ETH

Min. investment
0.025 ETH

Crowdsale started
March 20, 2018 (15:00 UTC)

Crowdsale ends
April 1, 2018

DOG rate
1 ETH = 1,600 DOG

Token Distribution

Erc20.Dog Token Distribution
60% Crowdsale
20% Community
15% Bounty Program
5% Team

Funds Allocation

Erc20.Dog Funds Allocation
75% Development
10% Dog Food
5% Partners
5% Marketing
5% Legal

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CoinDog The New York Bark Dog Telegraph Woof! Finance

/ Our Team

Founder & CEO
Great Britain
“I worked in Google for 10 years, when I discovered cryptos I left my job and bought some Ethereum. I lost all my private keys, but I’m still a happy dog.”
Marketing Expert
Marketer since 1 y.o., first place at the Dog Marketing Awards for his work on InstaDog. "Same shit than Instagram, but only for dogs"
Ethereum Developer
Vitalik Buterin’s ex-best friend, and one of the best dog developers of the world. "He left me when he went to Whaterloo, so I started learning about smart contracts."
John McBeagle
Security "Expert"
Founder of McBeagle Antivirus. Sold his company for 20,000 kg of dog food. "Follow me on twitter and I’ll follow you back! Please follow me! I’ll pay you.”

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Pedigree Snoopy Naughty Dog AKC

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